The leaves are changing, and so are the fashions. I noticed this whilst outside. It's only about 9:00 and very chilly outside, I remember it was just 9:00 on a July night, and very comfortable outside, no sweater neccessary. me, oh my. Now, I'm beginning to stumble when outfits come around, but I usually find something do-able. I mean, if I simply must choose between comfortability and style, I suppose I could be uncomfortable for a few hours ... :D I can't wait for boots though! Also: stockings! oh my, now I really want to get back into re-organizing my room. Man, band and school really tie ya down!

also: go here, follow her and take her advice for fashion! you may even win a bow clip and headband - both knitted by hand!

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  1. Anonymous10/01/2009

    i could make you that!