SENIORS '010. technically i can say that.
Uh, so fantastic school day today? No joke, this year will be great. Sadly, after walking from band to Photography, it felt as if summer never really happened. Crazy!
My room is yet again horribly messy and I didn't even finish cleaning it. Ay yi yi! Still have to move the desk and trunk and clothes rack.

My mom just demonstrated to me how our 7 year old black shorthair cat is afraid of Febreeze yet not afraid of my mom's hairspray. What a nut!

Okay back, so what am I doing now? NOTEBOOKS. So far I've decorated my planner and covered it in rippled tape for that oh-so homey look. It was actually very smooth tape but I needed to twist the tape around to get the bubbles and lines, I'm just used to it from my younger years of accidently getting the bumpy look. Now onto the 5 subject notebook. What to do? What to do? I'm definitly putting a design down and then maybe putting some pictures or pressed flowers or something down above it. This year, I'm going to make the best of it. I've already begun that in Marching Band with Bandana Day and Crazy Hat Day, must continue and hopefully pass it on down. I'd like that, maybe those crazy kids could keep something I stood for alive in PV, maybe being nice maybe being respectful maybe being fun while serious. But here I go tootin' my own horn. anyways. must get back to doodling and reading and finding out about my mom's camera!
good times ahead ... OR ELSE!

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