i bought myself a camera today at Urban, as well as a cheetah picture. I feel good. Break has flown by quickly but I have Christmas to look forward too! Horray! Looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with the family. Today and yesterday I felt something new. I feel older. That feeling you get when you just complete a difficult level on PS2 or when you realize you've just finished your major project and go to sleep really late just because you're happy. Thats how I feel, I feel like I've leveled up and managed to grow into my 18 year old skin. I cannot stop listening to Iron and Wine. Its so mellow and calming and thats all I want to listen to ever. This is nice, right now. Typing to you, my long lost reader(s). My mother just opened the door, I should go so we can go shopping. I'm happy. I hope you are too.




please go there, if you don't already.

Fifty People One Question:

I've only stumbled across it today and its beautiful. Human Nature is so fickle. We kill, we hate, we abuse, we frighten yet we do so much more. With simple, lovely, thoughtful movements we inspire, we trust, we enliven. We are beautiful and we fail to see the beauty every day. I make comments of "I HATE PEOPLE!" when I see the bad side, yet we can't see the good side or when we do we take it for granted. I love humanity, I love how we can be harsh and stubborn and then, just like that, we can be kind and understanding. Sure, there are people out there who are cruel but I think, to fight off all these injustices, we have to come together. Sounds like a beatles reference? Sounds like a peaceful hippie movement? I am not radical. I am no hippie. I don't think I could ever be one, actually, I happen to worry too much. I think though that we should learn about other cultures, learn about other languages, learn to be more accepting. This way, we are not afraid of the unknown, or hostile. We all have basicly the same roots. Don't kill, don't steal, be honerable, be kind, the golden rule. I think its the leaders, or how one interprets what they are, that set us all apart. It's just us. Which of course means that this is all highly unlike, just plausible in a young girl's wishful heart. Oh I don't know, I'm only 18 years old. hahhaha

something endearing and hopeful to leave you with, always makes me tear and smile: