i bought myself a camera today at Urban, as well as a cheetah picture. I feel good. Break has flown by quickly but I have Christmas to look forward too! Horray! Looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with the family. Today and yesterday I felt something new. I feel older. That feeling you get when you just complete a difficult level on PS2 or when you realize you've just finished your major project and go to sleep really late just because you're happy. Thats how I feel, I feel like I've leveled up and managed to grow into my 18 year old skin. I cannot stop listening to Iron and Wine. Its so mellow and calming and thats all I want to listen to ever. This is nice, right now. Typing to you, my long lost reader(s). My mother just opened the door, I should go so we can go shopping. I'm happy. I hope you are too.

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