hello everybody!

Remember that time I said that I was going to document the cleaning of my room and that everything would be awesome and some people even said they were excited about it? I remember that too. SO GUESS WHAT? I DID IT!

Yes sir eee, well, I began it at least. So whats happening with it? Well! I repositioned my trunk o' bags to under my window to create and nice little sitting area for guests/me/cocoa as well as I moved my Specialty Clothes rack (for the dresses/skirts I adore) into a little niche and that created A) a nice open dressing space/dancing space (woohoo!) as well as a small walkway, Man, its going to be cool! Alright so now I'm back in the cleaning mood, Ill keep you posted on this absolutly THRILLING event. ahahhaha.


"I don't see what everybody sees in your sexy body."

Goodness I love Man Man. Whalebones is an absolute masterpiece.

Today I was very mad. And I will tell you about it. Kudokey. So. We all know that I refrain from any angry feelings due to my firm belief that life is too short to be spending even a few moments in a bad mood, cursing, exploding, etcetcetcetc, but today was a whole 'nother ball game. It all began in English. Lets just make this clear: I LOVE THIS CLASS. I admit I do not get the top grades, I get the low As and an array of Bs, but I don't go to the class for the grades or for the marks. I took AP because I seriously love to read and to write and I complain, sure, but I go to class to learn, not to boost my GPA. Okay, so imagine this: we're all in our desks, and after reading As I Lay Dying (by a writer using a cubist technique), we are looking at famous Cubists and Cubism in art. It was a really beautiful time and it was just nice to sit and look and try to find mandolins and men with guitars amist all the cubes and cylinders and, of course, something had to ruin it. Or rather someone. It began as shrewd comments such as "this class is so boring", "that is so stupid", "I don't get it but I don't care" and, I mean, so much I can handle, so I made up some excuses: maybe some people don't like ... art? Yeah Right. But then something really ticked me off. Like the one comment that one should never, ever, ever, ever, ever say. "That's art? I could have done that!"
*Steam Whistle Blowing*
You know what, no you couldn't. If you could have, you would have beaten Pablo Picasso then. Where's your "Woman with Goat"? or "Woman Ironing"? HMMM? Did you put a toilet in a museum? Did you scuplt anything recently? NO. YOU DIDN'T. It's people like this that make me so angry, its the ignorant and indifferent that really get me worked up and I happen to hate getting worked up. And it's people like this that give America its careless connotation. People who choose to not go to museums and see classics. I mean how can a person be interested in fashion or in music but totally write off "art", because its "boring"? These are all art forms to a degree, and they should all be treated with a respect and be awed at because someone, at some point, took a lot of time to do them. Laying on their back and painting a cathedral ceiling all day? Visual Art. Sketching and sewing all day? Functional Art. Practicing and Performing all day? Audible Art. Art surrounds us and its people who completly disregard it amaze me, but not in the good way. I mean, I guess there are some people who just don't find visual art appealing or any art form for that matter, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate it for what it is or how it was done or what it means or what its supposed to mean or even how long it took to create it.

That reminds me. Who has time to actually go and appriciate works these days? I mean the man has got people with their hands tied with work and homework and basic duties such as cleaning and cooking and responsibilities that sneaking away to the city to the MoMA or even the Natural History Museum (My personal favorite ever since I was a little girl) is like a bank hiest. I mean I would spend every minute looking at exhibits and really look at them but life is so hectic all the time its always on the back burner. And it's not fair. And I'm tired of this. In Europe, its so customary to just pop in a museum and really take it all in, but here (if it's even on the list to begin with) its after working and working out and eating and homework and showering and a TV show and those thousands of hours on facebook or something. JeezLouise, its a mad mad mad mad world out there!


I feel like since fencing ended that nothing has changed. There are still too little hours between school and scrounging up a veggie dinner and errands and church and homework to even take showers or sleep! I am excited with my new-er new haircut. I do not know how to say this without sounding cocky but I think that this haircut captures my "sweet" size and I like that. Fantastic photoshoot with Jasco today. How wonderful it is to take pictures of friends and have pictures taken by friends. We laughed the whole time and shared secrets and were disgusted by a rumor and lalalallaa wonderful. I am watching channel thirteen talking about Carol Burnett. Jeez, they don't make them like they used to (can I say that? I don't think I'm old enough to say that since I never saw it when it was originally airing)! Harvey Korman was absolute gold, in Mel Brooks films and in the Carol Burnett show, I just laugh and laugh and I love it. I love old television shows.
Well thats all, I think Russia is playing Slovakia in hockey right now. I'll be seeing ya'!


my plan for the (distant) future:
get a lot of random but nonetheless much needed random pieces for outfits, meaning necklaces, shoes, shirts, skirts, you name it, if its crazy, never before seen and hopefully old, i want it.
then i will tour the world (become rich before this? possible.) making sure to run into swanky infamous underground persons.
followed by extreme name dropping and hob-nobing with said people which will propell me into the underground fashion world (facehunter) and thus i will be happy.

seriously, i would like to go other places. sweden, spain, france, why not? i would like to wander and tour but most of all pretend to be a native. other people have emigrated and staying in places they never thought they would, why not me too? why not you?

or i could just go to college then grad school then become a teacher and live out a scripted life worrying about money ...