my plan for the (distant) future:
get a lot of random but nonetheless much needed random pieces for outfits, meaning necklaces, shoes, shirts, skirts, you name it, if its crazy, never before seen and hopefully old, i want it.
then i will tour the world (become rich before this? possible.) making sure to run into swanky infamous underground persons.
followed by extreme name dropping and hob-nobing with said people which will propell me into the underground fashion world (facehunter) and thus i will be happy.

seriously, i would like to go other places. sweden, spain, france, why not? i would like to wander and tour but most of all pretend to be a native. other people have emigrated and staying in places they never thought they would, why not me too? why not you?

or i could just go to college then grad school then become a teacher and live out a scripted life worrying about money ...


  1. Oh, wait a minute... what scripted life? Teaching keeps you young and always learning. And, you know, you will just have to put the money in the bank - do you really need that Blackberry and those Uggs? - and use that money to travel in the summer to keep learning, experiencing, meeting those swanky underground people... It's all research for the kids of course... ;) I just wish I could claim it all as work expenses...

  2. oh how wonderful! thank you for commenting (yowling?)! we missed you in class today! hope Millie was a good stay-home-buddy today!