i dont mean to toot my own horn but i have to tell people other than my family

"Today, I consider myself the luckiest [wo]man on the face of the earth"

i cannot stop crying because i am so happy. i sit here, looking absolutly rediculous (sp?) but i am so happy and so blessed and so thankful. also i cannot believe today was real life. i feel like i'm floating and my body is tingling all over and i'm just stalling to tell you what actually happened. well. long story short, fencing goes to districts every year, which is a major tournament where all kinds of schools fence eachother and its just a lot of fun. ever since i was a freshman, getting beat up there but having a blast, i wanted to go to individuals. the closest we ever got was when the epee squad was 5th in the district my sophomore year (8/12 wins!) it was fantastic. so skip ahead to this year: i was nervous but really really excited. apart from two people raining on my parade all day (there are always some, im just mad that i will always remember the bad things with the reallyreally good things), i had a great time. which, for me, is the most important. i love making friends and connecting with people and chatting with the directors. so skip ahead to fencing i won 6/11 bouts, which was weird cause i lost to random schools and won against the top and second best schools along with other schools. so what did i get already? well i am the 5th A strip fencer in the district as well as the 9th fencer in the district. i can't stop smiling and crying. i can't believe today happened. its like a dream. i've been telling everyone how i wanted it for the past 4 years, ever since i found out you could move on to individuals and ever since i saw some of my older friends going into individuals and even states!

well thats it, i'm going to go crash and smile and be thankful.

**after i wrote this i fell asleep ASAP and never published this thing and after i re-reading this it makes no sense or anything but i can't retype it because i will cry again. ahahahha.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2010

    you are the cutest girl in the world! congratttttttttttttz!

  2. katherine you're absolutely adorable! and i know this is late but i am super happy for you.

  3. Thank You So Much! I can't believe it acutally happened! It feels like a dream!