hungry humans, we've got to eat some of them.

i really like driving. sure it's a death trap wrapped in solid metals and sure the fuzz scares the crapola out of me but isn't it wonderful when you're just cruizing around, listening to music. or when you are sitting in the back seat and you've got 3 of your best pals and you guys are looking for trouble and/or ice cream with the windows down and the music up?

lets share a memory, shall we?

the facts: summer, 2008.
the background: School had just ended, graduation was over, summer heat was here.
the music: man man, the east clubbers, basically noel's techno and julieanne's indie
the scene: summer was in full blast and people were throwing bbqs/bday parties/just hanging out at homes and, as i usually do, i over thought about what to wear and whether or not i should bring a tray of brownies. (i did, big success). i was so nervous, and considered not even going, since i was hanging out with these cool older kids and, as a sophomore, i was thrilled! (still am thrilled!). ended up going and we had a blast. we went from hanging out at one house to another house back to original house and it was wonderful. the night ended (and this i will never forget) with a few people going to montclair to get ice cream, which was closed. it was beautiful, let me tell you, the sky was that wonderful misty grey with the splashes of summer reds/oranges/yellows/pinks turning to purples and blues and wearing a dress was not a problem with the wonderful dry heat that i love. i'll never forget how windy it was, all the windows were rolled down (by hand!) and the music was wonderful and we all sat in a mutual and calm silence just taking it in.
ever since then i love driving with all the windows down.

i had so much fun. i can't wait for summer.

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