i just watched a program about illegal body snatching. SO INTERESTING. this reminded me of how much i want to attend the Bodies exhibit. the only thing i would have to do would be to distance myself from the realization that they were actually, living and breathing human beings that walked around and cried and wanted to be touched. Humans facinate me. Our bodies facinate me. Not enough to become a doctor, mind you, but just enough to look from a safe distance and admire. (Not like a creeper?) Did you ever think of how we work? I know there are scientific names and facts that lay it all out but just think. My brain is sending messages to the nerves and joints and tendons in my fingers that make them move left to right and up and down, and i'm not even out of breath. i'm sure i just butchered that process up, but just go ask michelle how it works. I am so interested in how we take deep breaths and how they calm us down and how we feel better after a nice, long, deep, breath. i love it. Have you ever had your thumb uncontrollably flinching. hecticly thinking "I DONT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!" but there it is and you cant stop it. have you ever thought about cancer? how our bodies are so advanced that sometimes our own bodies have mutations and we dont even notice them because they assimilate into our bloodstreams or bone marrow or tissue. OH MY. its just facinating how we work. how we grow hair to heat our bodies and with clothing, we have learned that we dont need that much hair and then its just gone. or how our thumbs grip and clench and make our lives a heck of a lot easier in the food department. I see you moving your hand there! its wonderfully interesting as well as replusive, yes? what about how we eat. i could go for days on this! we eat a cheezit. it slides down to the stomach. it gets all decomposed. we take all we can out of it. (can we take anything from it? calcium perhaps?) the watery stuff is out one tube. the thicker stuff is out another. we eat another cheezit. cycles. we are, as i read in a poem, meat and bone. our corneas are worth 6000 doll hairs. our entire, intact body is worth 250000 doll hairs. and here were are trying to make a living ourself. trying to sneak a couple of cookies at night, drinking 5 glasses of water, because 8 glasses - no even 7 glasses - make you feel sick and we dont want a rerun like last time, do we?, and here we are watching TCM and the news and reading and walking and snapping pictures and accidently cutting our fingers on that darn thick plastic that so many things seem to be wrapped in these days. trying to get by. trying to catch the sunrise. trying to get to bed before 12 (HA). trying to enjoy our short time on earth. wondering whats after that but not really thinking it fully though because it really is mindboggling. oh well. so what am i saying? well: reach for the carrot instead of the chipsahoy. read that book you've been wanting to. todays the day to finally wear that slightly out-there outfit. dont wait for anything. do not save anything. because before you know it, you'll be in some black bag being chopped up and illegally sold to wannabe medical students. live on!

EDIT: so i said this on my facebook and im worried someone will think its some poppy song lyric, but its from me! i googled it! anyway, besides me being paranoid, i thought it fit here:

"I can move things with my mind, like my arms"

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  1. Carpe Diem man. Live for the moment. =] Have you heard the theory that what kind of vitamins, minerals, ect you eat has an effect on how you feel? Like if you don't get enough Magnesium, you're more likely to be depressed. I think I heard that somewhere.