10 things that make me happy. (something you wanted to know)
and yes, they are all number one!

1 wondering about the future. just thinking about the way i will feel when it will be 10 o'clock at night on June 25th. The first friday night of the summer. Imagine what it will actually feel like!!!!

1 my cat. Cocoa is a the size of a small dog (bigger than some!), has similar eyes to mine (gold and green as opposed to brown and green) and always saunters his way onto the bed/carpet/chair/desk/paper where you are. He is so cute and so well behaved

1 my family. der. of all the nutjobs in this world, i was blessed enough to get stuck with my family. they are all just the greatest with the best tastes!

1 FASHION: OHMYGOODNESS. albiet sunglasses, a very much needed button up or some white pants (yes, i took the plunge): I LOVE IT. it is wearable art! a way to express yourself! wonderful!

1 the motherland. Russia is so far away yet there isnt a day when i dont think about it. i miss it.

1 my hair. you know, i used to be real self concious about it, even going to lengths to [badly] straighten it. now ive really grown into loving each curl, each fly away strand of hair. i think i work it too :D

1 EASTER. my favorite holiday hands down. i love baking the bread with the family and i love the church services and i love not eating meat for 40+ days and then biting into that ham and just ... OH BOY ONLY LIKE TWO DAYS!

1 summer drives. i love fall and spring and winter but driving is best in the summer. i hate using the AC so when i was introduced to that idea of actually rolling down windows and using that to cool yourself off, i was like OHMYGOODNESSIMGOINGTODOTHISALLTHETIME. i remember the time i could tell fall began (i posted something about it, yes?) and now its just around the corner. get the CDs! get the best sunglasses! put some rings on! roll down those windows!

1 blogging. i love you cyber reader(s). i love being able to just typetypetype and its there and everyone can be like I AGREE or maybe even bring up a good point that i didn't think of. I love that i can choose to not post some things so that when i go back and read them i still think "i am so right". vain?

1 loving life. not so many people can open the front door after walking 2 miles from the school to your house and wonder "what did i think about just then?". i have no major problems. sure there are. but i mean, i love life. i think its mostly being a blessed person but also the way i see the world. i'm really laid back and i'm just trying to enjoy every moment of my life. cause you might get run over or you might get shot. SUBLIME.

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