people keep asking me what i want to do with my life.
and each time i say that i dont know.
the truth is, there are too many ways my life can go.
there is so much i want to do and see and experience that saying one thing would not do my dreams justice.
also, i dont want to put myself out there fully, like i dont want to have people expecting something out of me when, in the end, i might not complete it.
i think i could be happy anywhere, as long as i have good people around me.
the past 18 years have been great, and ill always love new jersey.
and now the next 4 years (hopefully it will be 4 years) will be in the south, enjoying each moment.
and then, after that maybe like 2 years in russia - studying music and church like my parents did
and then maybe getting my masters (for what, who knows) in new york city
and then after that anywhere.
and through all this time id love to stay on the west coast and travelling through a few countries when time allows.

the only problem: money, but when isnt that a problem? too much is bad for you and too little is bad for you. dont lets talk about it (as they say in some books/movies, it sounds weird but i like it!)

ill say it again, i want to do as much as i can and look back and be happy. i want to make as many friends as possible and see as many things as possible and yes, this is what everyone says. WELL I MEAN IT. im going to lug my sunglass collection and cover my fingers in rings and ill do this. ill keep you posted on how its going. actually you want to know why i want this? for my posterity (SAT word? :D) i want to fill road trip silence with my husband and lull my children to sleep and bake cookies with the grandchildren with my stories. i want pictures and missed kodak moments so that, like i did today, my following generations will make poloroid transfers with my slides and then pass down little anecdotes and be like "that katherine was a silly girl. she must have had a good life." and i want to be on my death bed content and smiling.

p.s. i got my prom dress. now you can rest easy.

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