i keep having this bad dream where i wake up and it just really bothers me for the rest of the day.

its somewhere distant, in a dry and sort of dusty area. and you just know you're basically all alone. far off the one road, with only the people you came with, in this case and in every case - a boy another girl and an older lady aka the bitch. it always begins in the same room - the one right across the hall from the staircase. and though i never leave that room, i know whats outside that door. long hallways to both sides, a dark and termite-y wooded floor and walls, a dusty chandeleir. a fixer-upper's dream. a dream for those who love vintage. but this house is different. there are secret passages and dusty corners and dim lighting but its daylight so everything seems fine - nothing can go wrong with the sun out. so we are all in that one room, nice and open with many windows. and everyone is scattered in the room and chatting when there is a bang outside the walls of that room. (my hearts starts to beat harder) i am in the corner closest to the hallway, while everyone else is just hanging out on the other side of the room. i'm fixing some floppy wallpaper or like electricity circuit board or something. weird. so we look at eachother and laugh it off and then there is more. and more. and more. until there are two loud bangs right. exactly. where. i. am. working. (i start to breath hard) i jump. the bitch then realizes something is missing from her bag and she wants me to go outside of the room to fetch it for her. and i'm like WHY ME???? NOO! (sweating, rapid beating and sporatic breaths) i can imagine the trip to the car. out the door, down the creaky stairs, out the door, SLAM, windy dusty from lawn, up a dirt walkway and there is the car - a beat up green honda. i look back at the house, it looks scary. but i cant leave the room for fear of whats outside, waiting for me.
oh goodness. and for the rest of the day i am afraid to look in mirrors and open doors too quickly and to turn corners. i still am scared. and i dont want to drive home all alone tonight!!!!

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  1. Holy cow... don't work in the darkroom alone. But that house sounds nice! Sleep well and nightmare free...