its feeling like summer again. doing absolutly nothing while doing so much was so much fun yesterday. we must have wasted so much gas but nothing compares to listening to loud music and daydreaming and the wind whipping your hair into your face so hard that you almost want to close the windows ... almost. what a beautiful time i will have this summer! cannot wait for the last of my friends to return home - JULIEANNE. - :D and then it will be complete and we can stumble upon inside jokes and i can be exposed to good music and we can all laugh at how i cannot speak english. also: garage sales / antique shops with friends. DA BOMB.

got a masonic scholarship and tomorrow is senior awards so that makes at least three scholarships. crazy! last band concert was great. idk what it sounded like but i had a blast with my flutes and my other friends from other instrument sections. we played tull at the end. i wasnt even in tull! ahahaha. lets see. OH THE ART SHOW. (hi mrs. vasa!) oh god. no lie, i havent had so much fun for a school thing ever! i mean, i was working! but after, i was so happy to go up to strangers and friends and ask them to write a secret in my book. i love going out on a limb for a laugh. i love talking to people. and i love the secrets in the book. some people were like "oh i dont like the stupid stuff in there. the joke ones" - like, that's people! there will always be wiseguys! and whos to say someone was joking? i love the mix of real secrets and CRITIQUES BY PEOPLE I DONT KNOW and the jokes and the cutesy secrets. i couldnt have asked for more! i had a great time hanging out with people i havent seen in a while and enjoyed explaining things. i love people.

hmmm. summer is basically here - it sure feels like it! its kind of wierd that school is almost over. i sure love summer but its going to be wierd. hm, yes. i began a post about cats - it will come out soon i guess. who knows anymore. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D im going to go daydream. (night dream? just dream?)

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