Be Still Young Heart.

cannot stop listening to it. my neighbors probably hate me but hey, at least i have good taste in music. winkyface. ;]

today is the first football game of the season. and i may not seem like it, with my indie hipster outfits and short curly hair or with my sunglass collection but I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL. i know, right!? i am writing in the only time slot that i will not be at the game. it begins at six but i am leaving at 2:45ish to catch the million dollar band on the library steps and then a half hour after that everyone just gets crazy. i had to keep myself inside last night because i wanted to save the view of like, hundreds of tents on the quad for today. and when i saw it, it was great. red and white everywhere. houndstooth everything and everywhere. bbqs and flat screens and foldable chairs and PEOPLE. EVERYWHERE.

sometimes im sad and sometimes i think im just a number here, lost, unknown and without an identity but just looking around, im not. with my white dress and red belt and houndstooth hat with a red feather, i am part of the alabama tribe. its so big here but all you have to do is say "Roll Tide" and youve instantly gained respect and a few smiles along the sidewalk. i am doing fine here and i cant wait to make more friends at the games! shouting and shaking my shaker and singing along to all the cheers and songs, OH GOSH I CANT WAITTTTTTT.

two things i get riled up for: fencing and football. what can i say?

i love going to a traditional university! i am slowly becoming a southern belle, but will never end being a jersey girlllll. <33333333333

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