i stand here ironing.

how are you? im doing better.

my hands are wrinkly and the laptop light really finds its way into all the valleys. and it just makes them look so beautiful, i admit, i'm a bit biased.

i wrote a poem, yeah i know, i thought the same thing.

i just erased what i wrote here. it was about new friends and how having friends rocks. i erased it because i was getting a little too heated about the subject.

im starting to really like it here. it was hard, more difficult to make friends than id like to admit, but im slowly changing. im not afraid to do things on my own anymore but now i have a choice! and thats great, that really is.

i even found a crush! its nice to have a crush thats in the same state as you and as i said to my friends before, "i forgot how much fun it was!"

speaking of friends, they say college is where you meet your best friends, but ive already met them. i guess there is always room for more but as i see it, im set!

i hope you are fine, reader(s)! i hope your time in school (or where ever you are) is okay.

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  1. you are the sweeeeetest thing! i am so happy things are getting better down there!