another day another dollar

i didn't know you could have titles! so here we are, we are here. another summer of talking with people about doing fantastic things and then never carrying them out. so be it. i find i have more fun waiting and anticipating the action then actually doing it. summer will be an exciting time, and i'll be sure to dish it all out to you, all 2 of you that is. so what do i want to do for the summer months?

sleep in to at least 10!
join a swimming pool and stick with it!
do that internship (i hope it will be fun)!
discover a lot more music or at least really listen to it!
drive more and become more comfortable (plus get a new iPod adapter, the one i have stinks)!
movie nights (no ifs, ands or buts)!
spend as much time as possible with my grandparents!
that fashion blog michelle was talking about!
actually get a tan!
summer work (i made a list of deadlines and i really want to adhere to them)!
day trips to NYC (walking, reading, shopping, getting lost)!
more blogging (this is fun)!
read books (sooo many)!
dude fastfood runs with tala!
weird NJ trip!
just chilllllllllll!

college stuff, but this one gets no ! because i dont want to do this.

how exciting!

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