sometimes you really feel gravity. you feel it when you step on the scale or when you fall but you feel it even more when you are alone. about 10 minutes ago, about 9:40ish i went outside to lay and look at the stars. well, there were too many clouds to see stars, so i focused on something else. gravity, earth. did you ever stop whatever you were doing because you had the urge to look at the world around you? well, lying on my beach blanket, with my toes in the freshly cut grass and the suprisingly cold wind blowing on my legs, i noticed how fast we are traveling towards morning, towards autumn. the clouds wizzed by and made and broke shapes. and thats when i felt gravity. it was just like a string tied somewhere in my "core" was being pulled down really hard actually. i don't really notice that stuff when i'm dancing about on my two feet or when i'm tossing and turning on my bed but just then it was amazing. there are astonishing things i see everyday now that it's summer. the pendulum in my mind has been so tired of rules and school that its evening out by making me want to explore and relax and just watch. go outside and lay down or come into my backyard and do it, feel the earth.

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