Did you happen to catch the sky today? You, and I actually, would think the sky would be dreary and mean looking. And yet, no! I was at my computer, mindlessly wandering and I noticed a strong pink light coming from the window shade and I lifted it up to find a beautiful pink-orange fog shimmering above my neighbor's roof. Then when I was driving I saw that the dark rain clouds broke apart at one section to reveal the lovely deep blue sky beneath it. Another day with a surprise ending. So badly do I want to see the sunrise and sunset in other land, take a trip to the supermarket/bakery/butcher/pastry shop in another land, I want to see beauty everywhere. I want to be able to see beauty in everything. I do now, but I'm so sure that I'm missing more than I see. Other states, other countries, other weather types, in other people's house (welcome, of course). I love my home but I need to travel, my entire body needs that, my soul needs it. I feel so strongly about leaving and coming back home and seeing the world, maybe it's the Beirut on my playlist, he always gets me in a mood to see the world, but the world wasn't made so we could all sit in one place and wait out our lives, at least I'm not going to do that.

Must get it together and write my yearbook write ups. I'll be 18 in a matter of weeks, must find a party place.

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