Today I unexpectedly had a three hour nap. Seriously, I saw my cat laying down under my parent's covers and I just crawled up next to him and before I knew it we were both snoozin'. Cocoa let me use him as a pillow and everything. I'm repaying him by petting him as we speak. Also, stumbled on yearbook stuff while checking out my photography assignment (oh boy!). I have no idea what to write for my senior write ups. Something philisophical? Nah. Some lyrics, maybe. I just want to accidently find something and be like "WOW". hm, maybe I found it? Man, summer feels like a dream. A weird dream that gave me horrible jet-lag. My room, you ask? Man, don't even get me started. With band practice now three days a week along with weekends now kaput-ski, and of course unexpected naps I have had not a single second to even look in the mirror. SRSLY. I'm so sorry if you actually wanted to read that, maybe by Thanksgiving I can have it done. haaaaaaaaaah.
Hey, look at these pictures I just found! Maybe they will add some color to my page, hahaha. I do like the whole black and white thing though.
JUNE 2009.

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