Who Are We To Love At All?

Today in american government, we (or rather, the class was talking, since I'm way too shy and self conscious to talk, also I am in the front of the class) were talking about Thomas Hobbes and John Locke and all this governmental stuff and the question was raised whether or not humans are good. The entire class sided with Hobbes, saying they were bad from birth. There were some feeble arguments that people were supposed to be good but then turned evil by mistake, but everyone was blown away when Deeney asked whether or not that person locked their doors at night to fend off any burglar. Hm. Call me crazy, but I think people, for the most part, are good, well maybe not all of them but they sure aren't ALL bad. Of course there are rotten people, the stealers, killers and of course you should be cautious and be prepared but you can't just say that everyone is bad. You have to keep some faith in humanity. I mean, it's like talking about the Death Penalty. It should be abolished for that 1% of people who may be innocent and wrongly accused. Too many times the wrong person has been put on the green mile when they are really not guilty. It's a very small chance that someone wrong is there but for the sake of that one person, that single person, that the Death Penalty should be ended (of course there are other reasons but thats my favorite one). It is for that reason too, the very small population of man-kind that is good, that we cannot call human kind all bad or all evil. What about the little people who do good deeds unnoticed and under thanked each day? The one person who helps the older lady across the street? The one teacher who teaches underprivilidged kids for scraps rather than a high paying job teaching brats? As long as there is one person out there helping, teaching, loving, making others laugh or just keeping the faith in humanity, you cannot call humanity bad. Sure, the others may overwhelmingly out number the good but hey, they can change. (I've had first hand experience that even "bad boys" are good guys in their beating hearts underneath their Ed Hardy shirts which pump blood to their spotless Nike clad feet, I've seen the help a simple smile does to someone, I know how great it feels for one unexpected compliment on a terrible day) In the words of Andrew Jackson Jihad "I have faith in my fellow man, and I only hope that he has faith in me" (SONG="PEOPLE").


  1. Anonymous9/15/2009

    ZOMG. I totally remember that discussion from last year... You should have spoken up, you have such good points!!!! I argued that people were good...and to the people who were so certain that everyone is bad, you should have told them, "Well if that's true then it also must be true that deep down your friends hate you, and your whole family secretly regrets that you were ever born. Because if everyone is inherently evil then there's no way that love or anything like that could really exist." ...It seemed to work pretty well last year. XD.

  2. HAHAHAHAHHA you are wonderful! i'll try to speak up more often! I was thinking of the Nature V. Nurture but I thought "thats nonesense" and he wrote it on the board. CURSES.

    also, if someone forced me (by gun) to bite the curb, I'd take the gun. please. :D