whats a good way to end summer? how about a nice suntan from the beach? too ordinary? what about a nice mani/pedi? too boring? well i'm doing neither! what am i ending summer looking like? well imagine a nice scabby gash on my upper lip and the classic smell of skunk. yes. oh yes. thats right ladies and gentlemen of the jury. this look is a new one for me and i think i'm working it. that dry scab that makes me look deformed and that OH SO pleasant odor of eau de skunk. how did i come about these beauty accessories? well one was from a nice little fall in my room when i landed on my lip (and cried for about forever) and the other was from a nice little SCARY outing with two friends. close your eyes, imagine a dark allyway with bushes and shrubs, imagine the HORRIFYING rustling sound of a nervous skunk, imagine us SCREAMING and running for our lives, thinking its something deadly. oh yes and to our surprise, when we reached the safety of the car, the air was chokingly filled with smells of rotten garlic (real wierd), sharpies and all other things to make you sick. we were dry-heaving all the way home. it was hilarious and scary and really wierd. so lesson learned, BE CAREFUL during your last few days of summer, because if you don't you'll be sporting strange facial cuts and a disgusting smell like me. :D

nothing else is new. might be getting a car? school shopping no where near done? REALLY NEED MORE SUMMER TIME? YESYESYES.

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  1. Anonymous9/02/2009

    I've been seeing alot of things about skunks on facebook by numerous people.
    Crazy crazy skunks, I tell you.