hello readers! Listen, I haven't put you first. I haven't thought about you as readers. And for that I'm sorry! Other blogs have something they bring to the table. Maybe an artsy view on the world and art projects. Maybe pictures that make you think. Well I'm going to try to change my speed a little bit. My old plan of attack of writing about whatever I felt like, was afraid of, needed to get out is mundane, anyone can do that, but what do i bring to the blogging table? You see, right now I am cleaning out my room and reorganizing my room to basically make me a more organized person who loves fashion. Its going to be grand and whenever its complete, you simply must come over and i can give you a tour of my like 8 by 10 room hahahaha. no really, i will. this new blog will be about A) cleaning and re-arranging my room to be the perfect place to put outfits together (with pictures!!! woohoo) B) my style and all the ups and downs it goes through (avec picturesSsSsSs!) C) I will be teaching myself, learning from family, learning from books/internet on how to sew, alter, embroider, create etcetcetc. and i will tell you as well, cause thats what friends do! D) as a senior i MUST go on adventures, so i will document and share! plus of course there will be daily experiences/rants mixed in (i will be applying to college, so of course that will be in there and i'll try to help out any nervous high school student, if i can help them a little bit, maybe give them something i wish i knew, then everything will be dandy!). It will be fun with this new blog! It will be like we are really good friends, only we dont really see eachother and we hangout over the internet....anyway. SO! about this room of mine ....

so whats so great about my room that i'm telling you about it? well first off, a little history. ("great, this is going to be long") alright, so my room is a little on the small side, and i happen to be a very unorganized person so i'm really gung-ho on changing a new leaf with my senior year and yaddayaddayadda. i have a lot of clothes, some i dont wear (OUTOUTOUT!) but most i love and love to wear. so whats the new plans? okay, currently i have a desk, a bookcase, a chest of drawers, a bed, a trunk, a night stand, a small closet, curtains for a door, a showcase and a full length mirror. desk is out. book case is organized like a built in bookcase, including sweet knick-knacks and books/CDS/videogames i cherish. showcase is filled with useless figurines and cat statues, OUT! In goes two of my favorite hats on level 1, level 2 gets jewlery that i love (so now you know where to look when you ransack my house), 3 gets perfume and 4 gets ...well thats still debatable. in the two drawers under the glass showcase, it is separated into "costume jewlery that i wear" and "costume jewlery that i might wear". on top of my chest of drawers is my TV, cable box, PS2 and a really cool black cat porcelien statue with yellow eyes that looks like my kittycat, COCOA ANDHEARTS. my bed, this is where i need your help, oh faithful reader(s), i have a dark tan colored room and wood/white furniture. what color bedspread?! i'm thinking something simple. something white and something striped. y/n? lets see. my night stand has an iHome on it, a lamp, a makeup mirror and water bottles since i LOVE WATER. there are two drawers and the top one is for hair supplies and the bottom one is for make up/nailpolish/CHAPSTICK (jasco's most important meal of the day ;D ). then we have the trunk filled with purses and under that is backpacks. ontop of that will be my lamb skin rug (i bought it when i was like 7, i didnt really know what it was, all i liked was that it was fuzzy) then the PIECE DE RESISTANCE!!!!! okay, so you know in like store dressing rooms you put the clothes you dont want on this metal hanging thing that holds things and shows them off? well most of my clothes will go in the closet, the chest of drawers or the bins under my bed but the ones which i LOVE will go on this rack. trust me, its going to be GREAT! not only will it showcase my fave. clothes but it will also serve as a room-divider. oh man, i can't wait. too bad i'm a procrastinator.

so for all of you who read all of that, high five! and for those of you who skipped, well you missed out. anyway. this should end. NOW.

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  1. Anonymous9/03/2009

    HIGH FIVE!! I'm so excited for this! I could lend you my clothing reconstruction books and stufffff! And that clothing rack/room divider sounds pretty sweet, man! As for the bed spread, the simple-and-striped idea is a good way to go because then you can change around and redecorate your room without worrying if it'll match your bed or not. :D!