I wish I lived in another time. I know you hear this daily, that so and so was born in the wrong era just because she loveslovesloves&<3s; white="Peace" red="Logical," blue=" Loyal," yellow="Positive,">
What makes me think about this? Today, I talked to the cross-walk man. Every time I walk, I thank him and/or say "Have a nice day!!" but today! oh man I am so happy! I also told him "happy veteren's day!" and he looked at me and told me "Ya know? I was in the army 61 years ago! Truman's time, kept me a year more than I was supposed to be in, I just turned 80!" To which I replied "Wow! Happy Birthday! And thank you for your service to our country.". I could cry just thinking about him. Here is this sweet man who 61 years ago was a 19 year old boy walking through the year 1948. Was he scared? Was he thinking of his girl? Did he imagine his life as being a cross walk man at 80? He is such a nice man who usually tells me he thought I graduated and I will never forget him. My mother says they don't make people like they used to. Kind, Sweet, Thoughtful, Generous people unlike the girls and boys in my school. I've sifted through them all and found the remaining good ones that I am friends with but, I'm sorry, I don't belong amongst the others. I sound so pompous. I'm sorry, I simply mean that the blood that runs through my veins is different from their's. Mine is not better, their's is not better. We just have different values, different agreements on whats decent and whats not.

Also: Happy Veteren's Day! This is my fourth favorite holiday! This is the reason I still say the Pledge of Alligence. I mean I'm not one for politics, I'm not one for declaring wars on other countries, I'm not one for greed, but when I think of men (and later, the women!) who sacrificed their lives, who did what they thought was right for America, who sat and cried in a bunker, who saw their friend be killed, who tried to help their dying friend, who saved their friend, who took out a bible, a book, a picture of their girlfriend in the night, well, I could just cry, because ours lives are so easy compared to theirs that we have the time to criticize. I can't look at the flag and not think of our boys, our girls, the world's boys, the world's girls. They were out there and are out there being scared, praying, crying, missing their families, missing a body-part. I'm not trying to preach, just simply delve a little into my head. Veterens?: Thank You For Your Service To Our Country.


  1. Anonymous11/15/2009

    i love you!!!!

  2. It's nice to see there is another person at PV who feels the same. That's why I prefer to hide in 026... not many I can relate to... but you do have company... and you are not pompous for thinking this... you are honest.