listening to Pogo and Gogol Bordello. Went shopping with the Motherboard for clothes for Alabama, well, didn't find much but I got a pair of a cool shoes and a really awesome shirt and a pair of jeans. I didn't care that the shoes are a little bit small cause I was wearing big fluffy socks, so every shoe would be tight, yes? well, I'm sorry about being a bum and not being able to update all about my room. With all this college stuff and school in general, it's been like a sudden halt on my room. It was going along so well and now its like BAM!!! not good at all. I will begin ... maybe after I return from Alabama? I hope. Really, I want this as much as you do, if you do want it anyway, haha. Well. So whats new with me? What shall I speak about today? I applied to 6 colleges yesterday! I am not getting my first D! New Clothes! Cat is doing fine, still giving me fits of sneezing and itchy eyes! Really, I just love it when he sits outside the bathroom door, waiting like he needs a drink of water RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT. and meows and scratches and I have to say "Cocoa, TWO MINUTES PLEASE!" and then he'll be quiet. I think he likes to know that I did not disappear into oblivion. Oh what a cat. Uhm, so yes, I must get back to my load o' homework.

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2009

    Why did yopu go to Alabama in the first placeeeeee!