i have come to a time when i actually know what i want. well, for most things. college? i want to go to the university of alabama. now, this may not be a shock to you, or you, or you. but to me it is. it still hasn't sunk in that i'm a senior. and it's april. ehhhh. yes, i've said that i liked the campus and that the people were wonderful and polite and humble and kind but i never really admitted that i wanted to go. key word there people. so its true. and its weird to see my future in times new roman. now, nothing is set in stone, you know me and my family, everything until the last possible minute. but this time i set some time limits for my dad (the one whos against my decision - now before you go judging him and thinking he is this controlling over protective man of his little princess *flashy smile*, he isnt. i respect my father so much. hes experienced in any way. if youve got a problem, go to him! he is one of the last good, hard working, sometimes crazy men out there, trying to be the best and most of the time, getting there. i love him and understand that fairleigh ridiculous (aka: FDU) has given me a lot of money / all around cheaper, is close and not close at the same time, i would get a car, would live on campus, isnt a bad school, etcetecetecetc BUT! i want to get away) so we could come to a mutual conclusion with enough time to successfully send out acceptanc/denial letters to my colleges. three days. other than that, back to me. hah. whats all this submission, you say? why the wanting of parental approval? well, like we all know, i am nothing like the generation around me. i want to go to college/alabama knowing that back home my parents are proudly telling all church members and friend's parents and family members and anyone who asks, that i went to college/alabama. i want them to be happy too. i mean, they are paying for this and i am contributing nothing. i am so blessed. and i just want them to be happy too. i couldnt bear it if my family was torn apart. so, heres to a painless decision! back to what i want. its scary. not knowing if ill have a job. not knowing if ill be replaced by a computer. not knowing who and what is waiting in college/alabama.

i hope everything turns out alright! i just want to be comfortable in knowing where this once so hectic college path leads!

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