love cats.
today i had so much great times just driving around at like ... dusk time.
and now i downloaded a good The Cure song, my favorite?!
and i love not knowing when i will be hanging out with friends later, no really i do! i love getting that call thats like "LETS HANG OUT IN 20 MINUTES!"
i got my real license today! and apart from my cool and happy attitude being stepped on (what is so great about being professional?1?!? also the hours = HORRENDOUS), i had a blast! (cool picture!)
also, tomorrow i get to hangout with the little sister i never had (hi there, if you're reading this!) cant wait to promenade around the towns with her! looking fly and breaking hearts...or something like that!

woohoo! i love love love the beginnings of weekends!


  1. Could the Cure song be a cat song? Lovecats is so dreamy and fun.
    Teaching is so much better than being a professional whatever...

  2. lovecats is the perfect song for any occasion!
    (yes, i refrained from saying "purrfect" hahaha)