it seems as if everything is falling into place. and i don't want to speak too soon or jinx anything but everything is sailing smoothly! this is a nice feeling. not everything has really sunk in though, i can't wait until it finally does!

the only thing that is making me uneasy is the fact that we are all leaving. "we" being my friends. for example, while chatting with my best friend, i suddenly realized "..wait, we're not going to the same school..." and that kind of stopped us in our tracks. we both started spouting nonsense like "lets not talk about that". oh boy. but its good, i want her and all my senior friends to go away and grow up as i want to go away and grow up. the wierd thing is that all the adults i know all say that they arent friends with their high school friends anymore. i mean, granted, they didnt have facebook or twitter or cell phone usage until later in life. thats a wierd thought.


  1. Anonymous4/26/2010

    ...sounds like something to discuss at b&n!

    Glad everything's falling into place for you, though! :D

  2. you too! your post about your classes inspired me. I WANT TO GO TO B&N ASAP!