i met my room-mate. i have a dorm room (1409, the highest you can go, yikes! also kind of excited for the view!) my family is looking into taking the train down to alabama, isnt that fantastic? I CANNOT WAIT. i've begun buying things and looking out for things for college. its all really happening, isnt it? there is still so much to do for school. i am so ready to leave. some teachers i will miss, a lot of friends i will miss, but most of all i'll miss the comfort and stability. but i will become comfortable and stable in alabama after some time too. i'm nervous about the day after my family leaves me in bama - so much to do! i'll be rushing so i'm sure to meet many girls that way. still debating the million dollar band, i want to! i want to rest from marching band! ay! i can't wait for "bama bound" to set up classes - i'll want to deff take math asap so i can get it over with and then take some english classes and then photography or music classes. i'd like to sort of balance it so all my least favorites are the first to be done with (but not at the same time, that would kill me!) and then its easy riding from then on out! i finally got my calvin klein sunglasses with the flash drive in them, being "nerdy" never looked so good. ahhahaha, just kidding. i have to go to the cemetary today for a sociology assignment. at least i'll be with noel, we will visit her grandparents and uncle. lets see what else?: so much more list making to do! goodbye for now!

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