It is so green outside. i remember once when i was smaller and i was traveling down the parkway to my grandparent's house in the spring i asked my mother when it would be summer again and my mother said "well, remember what Babee said, when the leaves turn green, then its summer". i love remembering things like that. i love hearing about things that people remember when they were little, its like a little looking glass into their past/childhood. i am so curious about people. anywhos, everytime its spring i just think of that. i know its not technically correct info, but if i ever have children, i plan on telling them that, just to keep that going and to keep them hopeful when the trees grow bear.

i'm a little more confident with my post yesterday. i talked to my friend about oregon. it sounds so nice there, id like to visit her at college! the south seems right. ive only known jersey all my life but there is so much out there i want to see. this sounds redundant. it is. but long story short, i want to go.

on another side note: i like a boy. and if you are a person i tell each and every little crush to, this is a fairly new one. (i know im such a girl!) why am i telling you this when i usually dont? i dont know, man. i was just talking to him online and im smiling. ahaha. jeez. alright so anyway, i just feel we are so young. you know? i am 18 years old, technically an adult, he is, what, 19? 20? and i feel like we are so young. now dont worry, there is no serious business going on, its just a simple, met him a few years ago, became friends, talk about music and cat videos and whatnot. anyway, youth, right. i feel like everyone is so young. so ready to jump head first into something when not even knowing enough correct information. there are so many people in school doing some serious things and like, they are babies! its amazing, how we loook at ourselves (teenagers) and see sophisticated people. i mean, we kindof are. we have jobs and responsibilities and sometimes we have a status and a reputation. but thats it: kindof. we dont pay the bills or the rent (well, most of us dont).

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