Moon River and Me

I am very intent on making this a good summer. So if I am not (in the future) I will return to this page and make sure I change my ways.
Jasco, as well as everyone else, I had a wonderful time tonight and I hope we do this repeatedly throughout the summer. EVEN PAST 11 O'CLOCK.
I would like some things to change while others to remain the same.
CHANGES: I would like, and I don't care who knows it, to kiss a boy for the first time. but I'm just going to let things run their course and not strain anything. I would also like to lose weight. I would like to make even more friends. I would like to learn to accept people as imperfect and I want to completely understand them even if they chose not to refrain from things as I do. I do not want to be dissapointed in people. Unless its something big.
SAMESIES: my current bestest friends! ...well, really, everything. its the changes that are worth noting.

I would also like to get a nice tan and buy some nice clothes and learn to be on my own. for this i might need to venture to NYC and try to rough it. aka, go there for a day and make it home alive on my own. I would like to visit all the museums i can! I would also like to see shows! Gogol Bordello! Cat Empire! Others! I would also like to see some plays! Perhaps I will get a tattoo. perhaps and if the parents are okay with it. I would like to leave NJ with a smile and an open mind. I want everyone to be happy. I want to make everyone happy.


  1. awwws i haven't kissed a human male yet either, we have our whole lives ahead of us. :)

  2. Thanks for not being typical PV - this post says it all about you! But I don't see the need for you to lose weight. Don't forget to come on down to 026...

  3. Hi katherine!
    this post was really sweet!