my favorite part of the environment is the sky. (michelle, stop reading now hahaha)
if you look at it, now even, it will never be the same. the sunlight is always beautiful. the moonlight is always beautiful. sunset is always vibrant and shocking and deep and raw while sunrise (suntime?) is sweet and light and cute and vibrant and calm. i love the colors in the sky. i love that its your very own picture and i love it when there are clouds and when there are no clouds. i love that when it is dark, there are still clouds and there are stars. i love cloudless nights where the moon is just a white circle. i love that when you are outside at night, its cool and peaceful and its very silent. i loved that in Ukraine, on top of a hill, it seems so fitting that a sky so amazing meets an amazing land. i do also like that here in the states, the sky that makes you want to sit back and look fits with the world around us that makes you gogogo. i love that there is one moon and one sun and we see them and other people see them. i love it that its been that way since forever. this is the moon that natalie wood in west side story wished would be bright. this is the sun that pagan people worshipped. the rain that beats our faces was in the amazon and was on james dean's face.

i love it that we all see these things and sometimes we forget and take it for granted.

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