i have so many emotions now but i cant remember them all until a little bit later.
things to talk about:
kids sleeping on the opgrad bus going home, not creeperish but full of memories.
graduation, i was a senior?
opgrad, did i make enough memories? was there something i didnt get out of it?
the drive after opgrad, i am going to be okay.
how i feel old but actually am just beginning my life, also in the plural sense.
how a day can feel like a year, breakfast, getting ready, family party, graduation, diner, the drive to opgrad, opgrad, the fortune teller, the drive home from opgrad, driving around after, trying to watch ferris bueller, sleeping, waking up at 3:39, and this post.
leaving PV forever, going to test out whether or not the hallways are smaller when i return for my gym clothes (i can still do that right?).

there is so much going on and im trying to take it all in without being overwhelmed but WOW. this is A LOT.

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