so i guess thats me. on a recent oovoo chat. (talking to strangers OBV.)
fifteen facts, huh?

1. my computer just died. and i brought it back to life by plugging it in.

1. my favorite snack is regular cheddar goldfish and orange juice from those little containers. i dont know what it is, maybe its the color orange.

1. i am not adjusting to college well. the girls are snotty and i havent even spoken to a boy yet and im just really out of my element here. everything i was loved for back home is like uncool or wierd. i guess i just havent found my core crew yet. i cant wait until that happens.

1. there was a majorly huge cockroach in my room about 5 days ago. the staff did not help kill it and laughed at me and my room-mate (2 northerners who know nothing about roaches) and when someone did come to help (a drunk girl) she just scared it and it showed up 20 minutes later and it scurried into a crack. i cried for the entire night.

1. im not a princess. i do, however, have princess-like thoughts that i try my best not to let out. i am a city girl and have been very blessed for the past 18 years of my life. sometimes i dont know what to do.

1. people back home said i was a hipster, but i dont know what i am.

1. i have a blog that is about nothing and is everything to me.

1. today i had a meeting with my school newspaper, i hope to write for the opinions section. i wanted to do the photography but i dont have a DSLR. (i know mrs vasa! so unfair! and they dont do film!)

1. i didnt bring enough clothes to college. i thought id be living in a closet but i have so much unused space!

1. i feel really overwhelmed because i ended up sticking with the sorority, i am sort of bipolar with it, but usually i regret doing it most of the time. but when i am happy with it, it is the best thing in the world. i might not continue with it next year, we'll see how it goes.

1. my dorm room half is split in my personality/ies. my sleeping side is really simple and under stated with a very minimalist approach and my desk/closet area is filled with posters and photos and desk supplies and hats and statues and books and nicknacks and it really just sort of matches! its all very new and old and mishmoshy and surprisingly clean and ORGANIZED!

1. i miss my friends so dearly that it hurts to think that i have months until i see them!

1. the boy i like only talks to me through facebook chat. it makes my heart skips a beat everytime i hear that POP when he starts a new conversation. i wrote in his yearbook that he had to start the conversations because i liked his humor and that i was too afraid to make the first move and so far he has kept his word!!

1. i feel like such a sap sometimes!

1. my classes are really fun! i have philosophy and russian and geography and world literature! i dont have much work to do but it is legit!

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  1. I think in the south they call the big roaches "Palmetto Bugs". Whatever, a roach is a roach! Eeek!!! Find a realllly cheap used DSLR and get that opinions job on the paper! Your opinions are spot on... Don't be so down... you are hip and you just need time to find your people. :)