my blogger name came to me as i was listening to one of the most influential bands i have ever known. it is essentially, a one man band, who brings his friends in to add to his sound. his music is soft and simple but really facinates me with his loaded lyrics. oh im so deep. long story short the band is named "flowers from the man who shot your cousin" - which i just get a kick out of all the time - and i just sat down and swapped words here and there. _____s from the ___ who ___ your ____. you could fill it in with all kinds of words. jellybeans from the aunt who ate your sandwich, suitcases from the airline who jipped your best friend, postcards from the neighbor who stole your identity. actually some good ones could be made! i really like the last one! maybe postcards from the neighbor who stole your plane-ticket? hmmmm. well yes, so thats it. i was young and silly and im still young and silly so it still fits! and the length is just long enough for you to be like HMMM, ILL JUST CHECK THIS ONE OUT.

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