i am sitting here on my dorm room (aka THE BATCAVE) bed wishing that i was going home with my family. ive been at rush all day and im not taking a shower, so too bad 4 u. :D like, whatevs. i look nothing like these girls and im pretty okay with that. and the ones who look like me are B*TCHES. yikes! i am so tired from running around and smiling so much and talking about myself. like i dont feel like i did all of that today, like i feel sleepy but i dont feel like im in my body, like im just floating. i am having a great time here but everytime i see my family or hangout with them i just want to cry and have them scoop me back home. but i really should give bama a fair chance. ive already met two really nice ladies. and so many from the sorority rush thing just today! people are great, here is a great quote ive heard from a really nice post office lady : YOU SAY: you are so nice! SHE SAID: well, i'm really a stinker, but God made me a mirror, so whatever you see is what you are. - ISNT THAT THE SWEETEST THING YOU EVER DID HEAR? so cute.

i really like it here. except for robin (aka the roommate, from now on known as Robin (get it???? LIKE THE SIDEKICK.))

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