hm, where to begin.

IT IS SO HOT IN ALABAMA. hows that? also idk how to use skype. hm.

sometimes i dont feel like i should be in a sorority. like i dont really look like the majority of the other girls and i sweat a lot just doing nothing (its the russian) and added with this heat, its like i just took a shower. sororities are real big down here. there is a whole process and its all serious and in like two days, i will have to walk from house to house in "strict silence". woah. its all so much to take in. i went into this whole thing not liking the idea. i felt so pushed into it, like my entire family was so excited for this and like, they told me i wouldnt fit in and they bought all kinds of clothes for me and i felt like the last piece of me, the last thing i still had, my fashion, was being snatched away. i did feel like that. there was so much pressure. and then i started to see the houses and meet the girls and now i am kind of excited for rush and real excited for the whole possibility of getting into one. i really like kappa alpha theta. their songs are real nice and they have a great house and the girls are so nice and they stand for great things. its all so exciting.

im not sure how school will be, hopefully great! and im excited to meet new girls and its so exciting! my dorm AKA THE BATCAVE is coming along nicely: i hang up animal portraits from urban and my photos from art show<3 and i have a lot of pieces of home and my roommate AKA ROBIN (get it? batman!) is not what i had imagined. i dont like her. sloppy and selfish. at least i have the window bed! VICTORY!

well ill try and keep you updated, see you next time! same bat time same bat place!


  1. yea she looked like a weirdo.

  2. Yay photos!!! And heck, if the girls don't love your sweat, they don't love you! Glad you are having fun down south...