i am no longer being in a sorority. i thought it was what i wanted, but that whole idea was jaded by family members pushing me. i never really wanted to do it, actually. (have i already told you that?) so, i started hearing the reputations for the sororities and in the end, i decided i wanted none of it. i did not/do not want to associated with any of them. i was feeling pretty low at the end of the day, i had thought that a sorority was my ticket to making hundreds of friends and meeting all kinds of new people but when i found out that i would not be doing that, i realized i had to get a book and so on my way over to the ferg (the main building for mail, bookstores, cafes, etcetcetc) i heard the marching band - no wait, the million dollar band - and i totally realized what i wanted. i never wanted to suck up to people and be false and pretend to hold a decent conversation with a frat boy, i just wanted to play my flute. who would have guessed? i mean, i love the flute. ive been playing since 4th grade and i brought the dang instrument down south with me! i love it. i love music and i love to play music. i didnt want to be a sorority girl i wanted to continue being in the concert band or the marching band. i love the flute and i miss it so much. so next year im auditioning and hopefully will get in! you know, freshman year, marching band was the way i met the friends that are so dear to me. i always admired them and then when we all became friends it was as if it was all planned out. marching band and i have so many good memories together and the last two years became a little rough but i dont know why that stopped me. i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Phew... sigh of relief. Your flute needs you.