i have a chance to go to a swap with a frat and the sorority that im in now and like, im nervous. im not sure if i want to / can go tonight. like it starts at 10 and like, im just scared a bit. like this is all new and id rather meet friends and boys like on my own terms but this is just awkward. im not very forward and im like shy when im out of my element. and i am so out of my element around sorority and frat kids. like, i would love to hangout with some nice guys and some nice girls but like, this is all too forced for me. im a bit of a homebody, like right now i would rather just staying in my bed and watching movies rather than going and feeling awkward for 2 hours. but i feel like its the first one of the year and i would like to start things off right. already my one friend has been hanging out with a frat boy (dont worry, a nice one!) and like shes known him for like 3 days tops. and like, theyve seen eachother every day. like, dont tell anyone, but boys totally scare me. like i love to talk to them and get a couple of laughs but like, this seems so like ME TARZAN, YOU JANE.

so that is why i am staying in tonight. i do not feel like hanging around a bunch of sloppy lightweights and awkwardly and slowly sipping a sprite. PLUS! on hulu there is one of my favorite movies : Witness For The Prosecution. SO GOOD. CHECK IT OUT.

i am happy.


  1. Love that movie... what a twist for an ending!!!

  2. i know! keeps me guessing each time! and i love how the nurse becomes understanding and likeable at the end! a classic!