the thing i miss most about home is the driving.

of course i miss my friends first and my family first and i miss the comfort, but hold your horses, i'm getting to it!

i miss the act of driving. i miss the windows down and the freedom attached to when you first start the engine. i miss the choice of CDs and i miss waiting at red lights and attempting to not give into the curiosity of looking at the person next to you. i was just listening to The XX, You Got The Love, a cover of Florence and the Machines song. This is attached to my last full day in New Jersey. The day when i drove around getting last minute things, when i picked up a guy and we sailed all around garrett mountain in the failing light, of my drive to a house where all my friends had already met up. i miss sitting at the stop sign near my house and not wanting to take my foot off the brake because i knew this would be the last time i would be driving. i miss crying in the car as i drove away from my friends. even more in retrospect, i miss two summers ago when it was my first summer with a license. where the cat empire played from my speakers and i rolled home with just enough time to only be out driving only 30 minutes after the whole legal curfew (it was like 2 times tops, i was scared!) i miss the anticipation when youre driving to your friends house. thinking of what youll talk about, who youll see, what kind of shananagans youll get into tonight. i love parking the car and sitting there for .5 seconds just smiling, because your latest chill session with your best friends has just begun. i miss the texting or calling to see what door i should enter in and i miss opening the door and seeing all your friends look at you and smile back. i miss the wind in my hair as we sailed down the parkway or down 46 or up 17 or snailing through side streets, seeing other friends in their cars, doing their own thing. i miss rolling up to CLUB QUIKCHEK and seeing everyone and their brother there. i miss laughing and crying and listening and eating and waiting in line for the bathroom with my friends. i miss riding in cars with my friends. i miss when i couldnt drive and when i was ashamed to ask for rides from my friends. i miss packing for sleepovers and stuffing everything into the car. i miss after concert or after fencing car rides. questioning what we should do until we gave up and went to applebees, or quikchek. i miss complaining that there was nothing to do. i miss anticipating that really great mid day friday phone call or text saying "Danny's tonight?" or "Cawfee tawk tonight?" or just "Diner?". i miss sassy chats and long conversations ending in "oh, i dont know". i miss fencing bus rides and waiting in traffic. i miss late night driving. i miss drive through white castle. i miss the adventures and the times we got lost. i miss all the diners we traveled to and got lost going to. i miss the creepy gas station attendents. i miss "DUDE ITS TOTALLY JOHN CONTI" *both look and stare* *random man stares back* "UHHHHH, THATS NOT JOHN CONTI, THAT IS DEFINITLY NOT JOHN CONTI." *both laugh*. i miss "so what is wi-fi really?" "im glad you asked, cause i was wondering the same thing" "oh, you just didnt want to look stupid." "...yeah basically." "WEE-FEE". i miss being so afraid that the person in the white altima would kill us because matt flipped him off. i miss all the inside jokes that i cant seem to remember just right now but am smiling because i do remember they were hilarious.

Roadways, Highways, Turnpikes, Parkways, Side Streets, Parking Lots are a major part of our country. We invest much time and money into making sure there are few major potholes and safe stop lights. We spend a large part of our lifetime in a car. It is this freedom and this priviledge that I miss most. I miss the surprisingly large good times just from car rides. I miss the laughs and the smiling and the music and the time spent in cars with my friends. I miss my friends. I miss my mix CDs. I miss everything.

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