through the roof and underground

college has (so far) taught me:

1. i can do things by myself! no longer afraid to eat alone!
2. mail is so wonderful!
3. girls are disgusting!
4. girls most likely have a brain the size of a peanut, and it is mostly filled up by nike shorts colors, how to find low cut shirts that i can wear as a dress and how to keep a boyfriend (for status purposes only)
5. new jersians drive the best, all my new jersians: think of the worst driver youve ever encountered, they would be the best driving teacher out here (and by out here i mean, of course, ANYWHERE THAT ISNT JERSEY). FOR REAL.

i understand i am a girl and i understand that all the females that read my blog are technically girls. but i feel like, all in all, ive been blessed to only know women. actually grown up women who are, you know, smart and stuff. so far ive mostly been in contact with girls down here. i respect you guys (you girls? you ladies? you women? you females?!) so much so i dont mean this in any degrading way!

i miss home so much.
if it aint broke, dont fix it.
this reminds me of when youre feeling adventurous at your favorite place to eat and so you get something different from your usual dish and it was just a mistake. why did i trade jersey for this???????

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