tomorrow, or rather today, i leave for college.

once again it is mind boggling how tomorrow/today my life changes drastically - completely new life ahead of me and for most, its just another sunday/summer day. i had a really good day/past few days - well bittersweet - so many people have said goodbye to me and its really wonderful to know how many people call me their friend. i love them. i am so grateful.

on the flip side, i cried so much. it seems i just have to think about it slightly - it being the fact that i am moving DOWNDOWNDOWN south for like ... months! - and i just turn into a fountain.

but really. thank you for all y'all (OH GOD) out there. its been a blast NJ, and ill see you in december!

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  1. Alabama is so lucky to get you! Have a great time down south. I know I'll be looking forward to your posts!