last night i got back from a trip to new orleans. it was really wonderful.
besides touring the city and seeing many many many hipsters! and the live jazz bands and falling in love with the city itself and spending time with 2 very good friends and a really terrific family, i also went to a music festival. VOODOO FEST! oh goodness, i cant even talk about it, i dont know how to explain it but i loved it. ive never been to one, but ive always wanted to go to bonaroo or sasquatch or lollapalooza or even bamboozle for a time but this was just fantastic. i saw ozzy osbourne and weezer and kaskada and crookers and paul van dyk and drake and DIE ANTWOORD AND HOT CHIP. (plus a lot of other great smaller bands!) OH GOD IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. i loved them all esp. die antwoord and hot chip and now i just cant stop thinking about it. new orleans is beautiful and i had a wonderful time with my friends and met so many nice people, including a nice boy who is one of my friend's friends! eeeeeee! halloween was great, i was a classy black cat and reused my jackie O costume idea. loved it all! i am tired and my feet are dirty but it was a great time! i am addicted to music festivals, so goodnight! hope your halloween was fun!

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  1. Love New Orleans! Been there three times - including our honeymoon. It is the kind of place that sneaks up on you. It's charms slowly work there magic on you and you never want to leave. It is not a city for the faint of heart either... If hubby could take the heat, I would move there in a heartbeat...