things are so crazy down here. talking to my family in a bit about where i am living next year. blogger, i want you to know that i may be living in a dark purple house aka the purple palace with my friend Lauren. but nothing is certain, ill keep you posted.

other than that, I LEAVE FOR HOME IN 29 DAYS! oh my goodness, i cant wait, you know how so many teenagers are so angsty and just want out and swear that they will never return? This Girl is not that at all! Im going home and looking forward to just laying on the couch and watching tv ('how exciting' you may be thinking, well i dont have one down here and only watch available shows on hulu or pbs but other that, zip!) (plus watching tv on the couch means being accompanied by my parents and probably cat and eating chinese food - which is good cause i love my parents and there is terrible chinese food down here) also DINERS. enough said. also: italian food! EEEEEEEEEEE. ive managed to keep off the freshman fifteen so far but when im home, i am not accountable for my actions, JUSS SAYIN'. oh waitwait, i told my mother how excited i was just to sit and eat with my family and she paused and said "...well you can see your friends too, ya know" OH I LOVE HER.
So, next, also i cant wait to see my cat, but you guys already know that.
just a quote from me from like, two days ago: (my friend remarks at how I talk about cats a lot) me: "i think i talk too much about cats and not enough about everything else".

WHATS UP WIT THAT? WHATS UP WIT THAT? (another inside joke, it just fit in so well.)

alsoalso: sleeping in my own bed, oh yes! DRIVING! YES PLEASE! just all around being around people who say talk and pause like you do, living the dream!

in an unrelated note: i went to the local thrift store yesterday, "twice as nice" bought a really cool dress/belt duo, a skirt and a lion necklace and made friends with the owners and where might they be from? NJ AND PA. i just looked at them, stunned, and said "OF COURSE! the only thrift store and its owned by northerners." i mean really! but! this completes, or at least partly completes, one life goal that if i cant own a thrift store, that i would make friends with owners of a thrift store so that i could first dibs on merch. and also because i love friends. SO CHECK.

other than that, i have to go to a football game now. roll tide yall. (i say YAWL rather than yhal, like everyone else, oh jersey.)

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  1. You do not talk about cats too much. A gal can never talk about cats enough...