i am blogging in the library. how exciting. no really.
also: i found a little treasure trove in one of my school's like 10 libraries. it was really nice and the girl i was with was looking through all kinds of different picture books showing the history of my school. i still cant believe i go here. looking through the photos and just walking around the regular library as well as the slightly secret one was just so nice. i really felt like i was following my family's footsteps. nothing really had changed and dont even get me started on the staircases! i really like libraries and i really like my school and im sorry for worrying you about not being content here in my last post. i do love it here, but i love it for all my own reasons. i dont like the silly frat parties where you constantly have beer spilled on you by drunked lightweights, i like it for the history and the traditions and well, you know all that.

okay. i must go and walk around and mingle with all the hipsters. apparently this is the cool hangout for my kind of people!

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