this is my new favorite song. just so you know.

in other news: i come home in 11 days. i need to start packing, HOW EXCITING.
you have no idea, interwebs, how happy i am to come home. you know? i think, and i sound a little brattish right now, that i had to get out and leave and not have that closeness to home and not have that option to just zip back to really appriciate it. sure, i loved it way back when, but missing home and loving home after leaving is something new. i feel like i was so angsty and when i wasnt sure if i was coming to alabama really pushed me out the door and here, when i couldnt drive back home or pop on the plane, i got over my homesickness by writing letters and imagining what i would do when i was home and it was really nice. i really love new jersey and i love my town and i love northeners i cant wait to come home.

its not that i dont like the south its just not home. so many people rant and rave about their school and how much they love it, i like my school too but sometimes i just dont connect with it.

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