jeez. its the 9th already? gee-wizz, it feels like the entire summer has gone by so quickly. why couldn't junior year have gone equally as quick? haha times fun when you're having flies. or something like that ;D
So! today is technically my favorite day of my whole trip to russia (btw i'm going to russia ahaha) you want to know why? well it is simply because i love airports. i love sitting there and waiting for the planes, i love being around other people who are going on a trip, i love the little stores they have, i love just everything. plus, these moments that i'm taking to write this in are the best too. can you guess why? because everything is ahead of me. my entire 7 hours to germany, 2 hours to st. petersburg and then my entire vacation in russia is ahead of me. and maybe you, my trusted reader(s) will be reading this when ever you stumble upon it, maybe tomorrow, maybe after i return. and thats just crazy since before you/i will know it, i'll be back in my bed trying to catch up on sleep and/or telling you how it was.
so enjoy your 11 days without me! dusvidaniya!

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