dear little sister i never had "Jasco",

Russia - actually the World - awaits you.

(some of the pictures are out of order but

each one has a description at the bottom)

A look from the top of Saint Isaac's Cathedral. The city is huge and spans as far as you can see.

Another look from the top. They are constantly building and re-building, hence the cranes.

One of the many boys my mom tried to set me up with. My face says it all.

A church service. The walls are of marble and gold leaf. This is taken from the very back, many people came to pray.

Most "traditional" restuarants have a stuffed bear to please and impress the tourists. Of course I needed a picture, since I was a tourist.

There are many streets and many people in Saint Petersburg, yet you can count on a nice park or trail to be near-by.

On our way to the Hermitage Museum. The streets are lined with vendors and ancient architecture.

Some Russian graffiti. it says: "I love you".

Walking the streets. It seems far but the sights along the way make it lovely.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral - a look from the street. A typical beautiful, busy day.

love, big sister you never had "Katherine"

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  1. Anonymous8/20/2009

    How come every place that's not teh USA is beautiful?
    Nice title and ending I must say ;)
    So was that boy a preist?
    He wasn't THAT bad.
    And the bear picture is +1,200 points on the "you're a cool Kat" scale.

    Thank you.