yesterday i thought i would have an average, even boring!, friday night. as if that was possible! went to montclair with the friendsies for some nice cafe eclectic time. milkshake was sub par, lighting hurt my eyes, atmosphere was fantastic, saw beautiful couples, good company. there was a line the length of california outside a (new?) night club. guess who was there. the oh-so-famous-for-now jersey shore cast. ahahhahhaa. we drove around and around and caught everyone's exciting fever. as we were driving home looking at the mansions, i noticed New York City in the background. it was glittering and shining and litterally created a warm and sunny glow that fought off the night sky, which by the way, is clearer than ever these days! oh, everything is so beautiful. after driving around listening to good tunes and laughing and dancing with my friends, i made it home with 30 minutes left of the last conan o'brien show with my mom! woooohoooo! this morning i was able to can-shake at A&P. It's shameless, its sometimes degrading, its tough but i love doing it. I love interacting with the people i normally would just hurry past in the foodstore. i love going out on a limb, cocking my head like a dog and smiling my most sparkling smile with a touch of an eye squeeze for that dollar. i love talking with people, finding out that they went to PV in 1965 and their grandson goes there now, but hes not a fencer: he's on the hockey team, i mean he gets into trouble, but he's a good kid. i love it. i don't love the money aspect per say (it goes to a good cause!), though i do see the money as a teller of how well you weaseled your way into the people who passed by. if you're going to stand there and monotonously ask people for money, they'll give you some change, a dollar maybe. if you're lunging and talking about how their son/daughter could be on the team when they are in high school and making them laugh, you get 10 bucks. oh i love love love it. i love people. i really enjoy making them laugh and making them remember you. my motto for the day was "well, if they're not gonna give us money, lets make them remember us at least." and i think i did, cause i saw one man who gave us money in the morning a little later today and he waved. ahahhaha. i had a hot chocolate, a mint froho (andheartsheartsheartshearts) and a hazelnut ice coffee today. beautiful, i just want you to know.


  1. I so love reading these... I don't know how anyone could not donate to a PV fencing team. By the way, could you join the GSA for real and do a can shake for us? Just some shameless begging here... and about that hockey team grandson, word on the street is that they play dirty... good luck studying tonight...

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    I'm so flustered right now! I would can shake for any good cause, I'd be honored!